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Engineering Moon and the Crazy Doctor [Completed] by ChervaChenesEklat
Engineering Moon and the Crazy Doc...by ChervaChenesEklat
"I fell in love with the person who has the brightest smile." ~ Forth #195 in Fanfiction (highest rank...wow...😍) This is a fanfiction based from the web n...
Reasons we can never be friends [Completed] by soumyamunda
Reasons we can never be friends [C...by soumyamunda
Inspired by the story of PetexKao from Kiss me again: the series.
Big brother by Rhys2624
Big brotherby Rhys
A big brother who gave everything to protect and raise his younger brother. A big brother who loved his younger brother unconditionally and took the place of their absen...
Wrapped  by Urmi08
Wrapped by Urmi08
King may rule the kingdom but Queen rules the King *** Beam takes a drastic step that leads Forth to a mess. But Beam is Beam. Who can stop him from winning? 😉 *** A F...
Love Marathon [Completed] by TayBookworm
Love Marathon [Completed]by TayBookworm
(At the age of 10) "I like you. Can I be your bride when I grow up so that we can be together forever?" "How can you be my bride? You are a boy. Boy can o...
In Your Eyes (LamxYo) (COMPLETED) by laydeeshannon
In Your Eyes (LamxYo) (COMPLETED)by laydeeshannon
1st attempt on a LamxYo pairing. I personally don't write that many Yo themed stories for I can't seem to relate to him much. However, this is one for a follower. I hope...
Just By Chance by AnaisNaiim
Just By Chanceby Anais Na'im
Beam has had a crush on Forth since their freshman year when they met during the Moon and Star pageant, but stern and stoic Forth has never noticed. Now sophomores, thin...
Casanova vs Ice Prince (LamxBeam) (COMPLETED) by laydeeshannon
Casanova vs Ice Prince (LamxBeam)...by laydeeshannon
I am attempting my hand at becoming the princess of crackpairs!! This came highly requested by a follower who loves Lam greatly. So for her, having Bright be my Lam. Go...
A Thousand Lives & More by laydeeshannon
A Thousand Lives & Moreby laydeeshannon
A fan fiction on Forth & Park; together since university. However when their love is threatened, will it crash & burn or thrive? Let's see, shall we?
And you ! by binitheshipper
And you !by whizbee
"cause , I don't want back my life . I hate my eariler life . I like it now . It's good . I love it with him . I love him and ....... " Beam stops in the midd...
Half Of My Life by Azsan6
Half Of My Lifeby Azsan6
Tee is a Kindergarten teacher that loves his job and loves kids so much. He is a soft and kind-hearted man when he handles kids. Tae is a workaholic businessman that do...
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Till My Heart ❤️  Settles (COMPLETED)  by laydeeshannon
Till My Heart ❤️ Settles (COMPLET...by laydeeshannon
It's my maiden attempt on yet another crackpair, MingxLam Let's just see how it goes ok!
Sweetness by NinaNopitue
Sweetnessby Nina Nopitue
Excerpt He eyed the kid up and down. Pale skin, black hair, cute button nose, pink lips and playful eyes. Even if the eyes looks scared right now. The kid shifted his st...
In your Arms by PrimKayeCaete
In your Armsby Prim Kaye Cañete
Our resident playboy's game hasn't been on point, sure he has the looks, rich and popular with the ladies.. but there is something simply missing. Can our cool bad boy b...
Starry Eyed Love (PhaxMing) (BOYXBOY) (COMPLETED) by laydeeshannon
Starry Eyed Love (PhaxMing) (BOYXB...by laydeeshannon
A standalone book on this highly requested couple. Stay tuned to read and come along on their adventures :)
Fateful Encounter (Completed) by anjuleeboralessa
Fateful Encounter (Completed)by Anjulee Boralessa
Arthit missed growing up like any other boy since he was scouted by the top entertainment agency of the country when he was 12 years old. But now after six years of buil...
Love Me With All of Your Heart by DeenTanuka
Love Me With All of Your Heartby Cherry Moya
Love me with all of your heart, that's all I want... Beam loves Forth, but Forth never showed his feelings for Beam. Beam thought that Forth is not someone who opens wit...
To Many More Returns (LAMXPHA)(COMPLETED)  by laydeeshannon
To Many More Returns (LAMXPHA)(COM...by laydeeshannon
My 3rd PhaxLam story. I am finding alot of joy in this crackpair. Its been positioned as a short story so let's see how it goes :)
The Unloved | BeamForth by CrackerWrites
The Unloved | BeamForthby sunel
Being unloved for the whole life, Beam finds peace in his husband Forth... But what happen when he feel the betrayal.. "I was just using you" Forth "But...
XOXO, Forth (FORTHXLAM) (BOYXBOY) (OOMPLETED) by laydeeshannon
XOXO, Forth (FORTHXLAM) (BOYXBOY)...by laydeeshannon
I feel like I am really pushing new boundaries all the time but this crackpair came as a request. So, attempting both fan fics consecutively! Do read and lend your supp...