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Our Secret (ForthBeam) COMPLETED ✔ by Houzini
Our Secret (ForthBeam) COMPLETED ✔by Just a human
"I want you...us to keep this marriage a secret. DO NOT and NEVER tell anyone about it no matter how close you are to your friends. And act like we don't know each...
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Love in Paradise by Findthetruelove
Love in Paradiseby Soi
Wayo Panitchayasawad is a medical student spending his vacation in his family owned resort where he met the famous model and actor Phana Kongthanin having his vacation a...
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The Unexpected [m-preg]  by Somplaknya_taetee
The Unexpected [m-preg] by Somplaknya_taetee
Tee Jaruji seorang pemuda tampan yang membutuhkan uang untuk biaya pengobatan Ibunya terpaksa menjadi seorang pengasuh anak di salah satu rumah seorang pembisnis sukses...
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Engineering Moon and the Crazy Doctor [Completed] by ChervaChenesEklat
Engineering Moon and the Crazy Doc...by ChervaChenesEklat
"I fell in love with the person who has the brightest smile." ~ Forth #195 in Fanfiction (highest rank...wow...😍) This is a fanfiction based from the web n...
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Soulmates  by sephpart
Soulmates by sephpart
What if it was possible to see the soulmate of every person on earth ? Wayo is a freshman at the university in Thailand but he as a secret. He can see the soulmate of p...
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3Moons' Gears and Omegas by WytCaptPeraya
3Moons' Gears and Omegasby WytCaptPeraya
The story revolves around the 3 generations of Engineering Moons and their mates. In a school primarily dominated by Alphas, how are they going to find and deal with the...
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Sweetness by NinaNopitue
Sweetnessby Nina Nopitue
Excerpt He eyed the kid up and down. Pale skin, black hair, cute button nose, pink lips and playful eyes. Even if the eyes looks scared right now. The kid shifted his st...
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Only Mine by ooooouserkim
Only Mineby sacred heart
"you are mine and only mine all-right reserved"-he smirked seeing our contract in his hand my love fallen part without noise
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Freshman by jungjoonyoung5555
Freshmanby NotJJY
Beam runs for his life. Where the fuck is Phana Kongtanim when he needs him?! Owh, yeah... he is now has a boyfriend and no longer could be always available to save his...
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Two Moons The Series - Eng. Tran. Book 1 by ChinitoBlanco
Two Moons The Series - Eng. Tran...by ChinitoBlanco
Wayo is a college boy who's secretly in love with his senior Phana since they were in High School. His love for him led the innocent young man to go after this guy in t...
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FORTH'S PROPERTY by deebamanja
"Don't worry about that guy. He'll be just fine. And once he has calmed down, I'm pretty sure that sooner or later, he will come up with another bet just to win bac...
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LAVENDAIR : [on Hold] My Precious Wayo   by Achunandhu
LAVENDAIR : [on Hold] My Precious...by GB & YZ Trash
This story deals with the unexpected meeting of phana and wayo and their wonderful friendships with other couples (mingkit and forthbeam). So literally it's a slow burn...
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He is my Maiden by miramira700
He is my Maidenby mira mira
"We need to choose between our sons and daughter." "I know hubby. I know but.." "What is it honey?" "Please, please don't chose Achara...
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Blue Blood & Furr by jungjoonyoung5555
Blue Blood & Furrby NotJJY
"Who are you?" Forth asked. 2nd born blue blood vampire from East Klan. "Beam, 1st year Med student. You?" Beam said. Leader of East Warewolves pack...
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Howling at the Moons by txdramalover
Howling at the Moonsby txdramalover
Yo is a young werewolf who wants nothing more than to experience life. To live, laugh, and love beyond the restrictions he has always known. Will college be his chance t...
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What will you do if the person you love the most hurt you the most? Will you give love another chance or will you shut all doors for love forever? This is the story abou...
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To Love & To Honor by NikaRose55
To Love & To Honorby EunjiDa
There are two powerful pure-blood families in the whole wizarding world - Rojnapat and Sutthiluck, who always hate each other. So can they eventually conclude the peace...
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Wayo Juniors high School Life  by scarletrich12
Wayo Juniors high School Life by
I'm WAYO GRADE 10 and this is the last year's of my juniors high school, join me and let see what happens to me in my last year of juniors high school And the story be...
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Don't Let Go by luckystarchild
Don't Let Goby GeminiBanana
In a world that Wayo Panitchayasawad is a child that the world didn't know exist and Phana is stuck doing Hotel Business because his hotel tycoon father is in a coma. St...
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He Was Mine by AuthornimJRose
He Was Mineby JRose
This takes place in the werewolf universe. At the age of eight, Arthit was forcefully removed from his mate via ritual. "Two men cannot be together." Forced ap...
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