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The world ended a long time ago.

Some humans survived. But in order to do so, the original Survivors enhanced themselves with animal DNA, adopting traits that allowed them to live in this mutated wilderness of giant Beasts and vast, unexplored swathes of jungle-AKA, the Wold.

But something that unnatural had to come at a cost.

Meet Ash-one of the unlucky ones. She's almost human-71%, to be exact. With cat claws, ears, and a lot of anxiety, she's on the run to avoid death or slavery at the hands of human purists in the Capital. And, she just might have accidentally set out to save the rest of her kind along the way.

When she encounters Stone on her quest, a brooding wolf-boy who relies on knives and sarcasm to fight his way through the Wold, she may get a lot more than she signed up for, as he decides to accompany her along on her quest. Through endless battles, hidden villages, and touching encounters with the travelers of the Wold, Ash and Stone may just change the world as they know it.