Hiding My Heart

Hiding My Heart

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Gabrielle By J_abbis Completed

Deidre -Dee- Johson has had a rough life. A mother who is a drunk, a father who ditched out on her and her brother and sister, and a boyfriend who suddenly lashed out on her and stole away her innocence then ditched. With the protection of her brother and her two friends she struggles to find herself again and trust people. Enter the new boy in town Preston Kent. He's very much a werewolf and Dee is very much his mate. She's everything he thought she would be, the only problem is she won't let him close and he knows she's hiding something. Is there a way he can show her that loving someone isn't all that bad? Can he find her heart and finally make her his?

Just when things are looking up a planned rogue attack happens. The thing the rogues want- Dee. Preston and his friends band together to help protect her, but unseen secrets start to come out making Dee question who she really is.

#160 on 11/23/15

melodyofme melodyofme Nov 24
Why is it a thing that all friends must give in to whatever their friends demand. If it was me I would have just said no without a single wavering reason.
Am I the only one thinking that she gives in too easily? ...
NeonStars16 NeonStars16 Mar 23, 2015
Is it weird that the movie is actually playing on my TV when I read this?..
123456Ah 123456Ah Dec 20, 2014
5 days till Christmas and that was totally random and I'm super duper hyperhyperhyperhyperhyper!!!!!!!
ttwu04 ttwu04 Apr 18, 2014
question, your hints about the "accident" leads me to believe she was assaulted perhaps sexually..... if I am right, y do u refer to it as an "accident"? when speaking about it, y not call it the "incident". I am quite sure whatever she suffered through was no accident.
VaineLuchia VaineLuchia Jan 28, 2013
BRILLIANT beginning and BEAUTIFUL story! thumbs up :P VOTED!