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The Book-Cat By The-pjo-writer-girl Completed

When her mother tells her that she is to be married, Annabeth Chase's world is changed forever. Yet when she sees her husband to be, a feeling arrives in her stomach, yet is it good or bad?

Will she cooperate or run away?

WARNING: slight smut references. Rated PG

  • ancientgreek
  • annabeth
  • athena
  • chase
  • frazel
  • greek
  • gruniper
  • jackson
  • jiper
  • marriage
  • palace
  • percabeth
  • percy
  • poseidon
  • rachtavian
  • thaluke
  • warrior
princessofhugs princessofhugs May 21, 2017
What time here it is this must've taken place like modern times or back in age and great times
Volttarra Volttarra Apr 22, 2017
I like how Poseidon and Athena are married to Annabeth and Percy's parents
ADotHamSandwich ADotHamSandwich Apr 05, 2017
You could never bore us with their friendship. The fact that we are reading this means we are either mindless or like HoO or/and PJO which is all about their friendship
son-of-Zeus son-of-Zeus Sep 14, 2017
what kind of person would make SALLY JACKSON a enemy someone plz answer this for me.
tamu19 tamu19 Apr 08, 2017
SALLY?!?!?!?You must've done something really bad. It even says in the lightning theif she can't stay mad it isn't in her nature
JackelopeApocalypse JackelopeApocalypse Oct 07, 2017
"May I be excused? Just gotta, ya know. Get the noose ready and all"