The Five Dollar Mail (Book 1: The Green & Book 2: Lynch's Boys)

The Five Dollar Mail (Book 1: The Green & Book 2: Lynch's Boys)

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Regina Shelley By ReginaShelley Updated Jan 07, 2017

Book 1: The Green  (chapters 1-104)
Five dollars to mail a letter seems like a lot of money to shy farm girl Lily McMillian. When she's hired in the spring of 1860 by Old Man Lynch as a cook for his stagecoach and Pony Express station, she finds out why it's so expensive. 

Dropped into a whirlwind of rowdy men and boys, fast horses, and frightening conflict, she inherits more than a pile of dirty laundry. She gains an unlikely band of brothers, a motley collection of rounders, miscreants, and troublemakers, all of whom are in sore need of someone to keep them in line.

Book 2: Lynch's Boys  (from chapter 105)
Who would try to kill someone for a deed to a worthless piece of land?  That question has plagued housekeeper Lily McMillian ever since she joined the crew of the Green River Pony Express station. To solve that mystery, she must make awkward allies of her brother Jesse, and the two rivals for her affection, Saint and Hellbender. Together, they will make a dangerous journey to a tiny town with a big secret. 

Meanwhile, as the rest of the riders look forward to an easy week at the station, they discover that the intrigue surrounding Lily reaches farther than anyone thought. Wash, Storm, and their younger crewmates will be forced to defend the station from a terrifying menace. 

This is the early draft of a published, ongoing Western adventure-romance series. My intention is to publish the draft here, a couple of chapters a week. If you don't want to wait, the first two books of the trilogy are currently available on Amazon, edited and polished, both as .99 cent eBooks or as nice, hefty trade paperbacks. 

Contains some mild swearing and mild violence. It's a work in progress, so...pardon the dust.

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CKArceneauxLeger CKArceneauxLeger Feb 28, 2017
Great work pulling your readers in and introduce them to your truly fascinating crew of boys/men. I can't wait to read more!
OctaviaLocke OctaviaLocke Oct 31, 2016
I really thought this was a charming opening to your narrative. The dialogue was quaint and I'm interested in what will happen. You made each of the boys distinct yet lovable and I am looking forward to reading on. 😄
ReginaShelley ReginaShelley Feb 28, 2017
@CKArceneauxLeger   :-D Or cranky when deprived of sleep!  Thank you!
KatherineArlene KatherineArlene Oct 25, 2015
Great first chapter!  You've already caught my interest.  I'm loving the banter between the boys.  They all seem very sweet.   :)
lhansenauthor lhansenauthor Aug 27, 2015
Heh, I read Western Romances in my teens. But those were rather - steamy. Ehem. 
                              Let me put this on my reading list but I have to be honest, Right now I have to finish a couple before I can go any further!
ReginaShelley ReginaShelley Mar 23, 2015
Wow. True Grit? That is a humbling compliment.  Thank you! 
                              I'm so glad you're enjoying the story! Thanks for reading, and especially for letting me know what you think!