Heartbreak Holiday

Heartbreak Holiday

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Sophie Woods has everything anyone could ever want in life: the house, the car, the looks, the partner and the job. Getting ready to marry her childhood sweetheart, Sophie is beyond happy with her current life.

However, an early return from a girly holiday sees her faced with a situation she never counted on. Fleeing the scene in high emotions, she winds up in hospital with some serious injuries.
Piecing herself and her tattered life back together is hard but something she is prepared to do until a devastating blow is dealt leaving her in a quandary with what to do.

Needing some time away, Sophie takes herself off to Arizona for a long stay at a horse ranch. Horses have long been a part of her life, giving her a sense of peace and freedom that nothing else can match. 

Meeting the handsome yet arrogant wrangler, Brady Lancaster, is something which she didn't count on. His brazen attitude towards her is unrequired until he learns of her situation. Finding himself softening towards her, Sophie and Brady embark on one hell of a holiday romance.

However, what neither of them count on is Sophie's past coming back for her...will she turn her back on her life as she knows it and stay with Brady or will she go back to her life and leave Brady in the past?

*NOTE - This is a first draft.*

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smally1212 smally1212 Jun 19
This reminds me of CBC's Heartland so much with John having the same profile as Jack and the description of the dude ranch. It's refreshing and makes me fall in love with the characters easier as I feel like I already know them. Was this coincidental or do you too watch the show?
Millieang Millieang Feb 20
Wow he's not taking any back chat from her is he! Just looked at the cast list, can't go wrong with the delectable Joe!
when you read belgian waffles and you live in belgium 😂😏
MayFreighter MayFreighter Dec 23, 2015
Great chapter. I am excited to know how the story develops from here on in.
mrjeanfiery mrjeanfiery Dec 18, 2015
I'm loving Sophie's character! And Brady reminded me of Azazel and his arrogance. But of course, Brady isn't some horny demon who wants to vet into Sophie's pants.....yet XD