Heartbreak Holiday

Heartbreak Holiday

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(the chapters included here are teasers only)

Sophie Woods has it all-dream job, perfect house, flashy car, and a loving boyfriend. Her life couldn't be any more picture-perfect.

Coming home early one weekend, Sophie has her seamless life ripped out from underneath her feet. Her panicked and rushed thoughts land her in a coma, and on a tattered road to recovery. Once she is medically fit, Sophie is desperate for some space and jets off to Arizona to the Black Stallion Working Dude Ranch.

However, her four-week idea of peace is soon spoiled by a deliciously hot wrangler...

Brady Lancaster has all the arrogance to match his good looks. Having to deal with the various types of people who come to the ranch in a bid to be a 'cowboy', Brady immediately notices Sophie's designer clothes and naivety, and sets out to bring her a harsh reality check.

Once he learns a little more about her, his attitude changes...

Embarking on a passionate affair, the pair are soon besotted with one another. But what neither of them expected is to have to face each other's skeletons. Will it all be the end to a perfect holiday romance, or is it just the beginning?

smally1212 smally1212 Jun 19, 2016
This reminds me of CBC's Heartland so much with John having the same profile as Jack and the description of the dude ranch. It's refreshing and makes me fall in love with the characters easier as I feel like I already know them. Was this coincidental or do you too watch the show?
Millieang Millieang Feb 20, 2016
Wow he's not taking any back chat from her is he! Just looked at the cast list, can't go wrong with the delectable Joe!
gobletofstars gobletofstars Sep 16, 2016
when you read belgian waffles and you live in belgium 😂😏
MayFreighter MayFreighter Dec 23, 2015
Great chapter. I am excited to know how the story develops from here on in.
mrjeanfiery mrjeanfiery Dec 18, 2015
I'm loving Sophie's character! And Brady reminded me of Azazel and his arrogance. But of course, Brady isn't some horny demon who wants to vet into Sophie's pants.....yet XD