Romance Me

Romance Me

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~  R u t h  ~ By Epiphanousbeauty Updated Aug 18, 2017

"I'm so sorry, Lynn." His husky voice seemed to wrap around her, pulling stronger than any physical force. "I am. For eighteen years, I've been doing everything wrong. So please..."

His other hand came up, its warmth encompassing Lynn's cheek as those hazel eyes dropped down to her lips, caressing, pleading, overflowing with passion.

"Let me do something right." 
 Boy meets girl. Girl meets boy. Yet falling in love could NEVER be messier.

Three stories of love at its finest, funniest, deepest, and most heart-wrenching.

 WARNING: reading content WILL cause symptoms that include - but are not limited to -  the emission of odd noises ("oo's", "aw's", squeaks, etc.), smiling like a maniac, crying, giggling, gawking, and snorting. Concepts will also expand beyond the "cheesy", delving into the "real, deep, heart-wrenching, and endearing". Read at your own risk.

Now... are you ready to be romanced?
 "The cuteness is just so overloading! Just stab me in the heart and get it over with!"
                     - @nekocandy4life

 "OH GOD THE FEELS *sobs* I vote there should be a fandom dedicated to this"
                      - @thisteenageauthor

 "so very well written till the last word! Loved the intensity of the characters and the depth of the plot!"

**2nd place winner of Romance in Best Fiction Competition 2015** **Original Titled: The Happenings of Him and Her**

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Is it bad that i just envision myself sat in a theatre eating popcorn whilst ur on stage with a single spotlight (all extremely dramatic of course)
HaleyKnox HaleyKnox May 26, 2017
This sounds great! I can't wait to read! Do you mind checking my new one out??
MilagrosBarrenechea0 MilagrosBarrenechea0 Jan 31, 2017
                              Hello guys, I would like you to take a look at this story that I am creating please help me thanks to everyone
nekocandy4life nekocandy4life Nov 02, 2015
*accepts popcorn and sits down snuggled under my blanket* Lets do this!
winehealings winehealings Aug 28, 2015
I really ike the blurb :) Btw I like cheesy and romantic stuff ;3
_ante-bacx _ante-bacx Jun 15, 2015
This is gonna be an amazing and fun reading  this, Can't wait. ;)))