Pretty Reckless ▷ Isaac Lahey [On Hold]

Pretty Reckless ▷ Isaac Lahey [On Hold]

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[Book 1]

❝Now if you'll excuse me. I'm going to go get drunk enough for you to seem interesting❞

Sienna McCall is the definition of a bad crowd, her reckless behaviour was  like playing with a loaded gun. 

Just like any misunderstood teen, she didn't know who she was. Asking her dad any questions just led her to more questions instead of answers. She knew nothing of her mother, and her lies she fed people about her mother were taking a toll on her. 

What Sienna didn't expect was to get thrown out by her dad and get sent to a place called Beacon Hills, where her suppose dead mother is. Sienna is in rage when she even finds out her dead beat mother is alive but not its not the only thing that shocked her. 

It seemed that Sienna was playing with her own bullet that wasn't suppose to hit her yet, and instead it blew up in all kinds of madness.

It was game over for this Pretty Reckless.

Season 1&2


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-honestlysame -honestlysame Sep 16, 2017
You have no idea how happy I am to find my name in a book 😆😆
scamarauder scamarauder Mar 24, 2016
Considering underage drinking is illegal, he should prioritize.
Lxnxi__ Lxnxi__ Apr 10, 2016
I love characters like this... we're both bitchy so I can relate to them 😂😂
virjin virjin Jun 09, 2016
But he's hot so i'm totally copying this just to get ripped by Stefan (preferably Damon but i mean ok)
straystiles straystiles Mar 21, 2016
I actually really really like characters like this bc we are a bit alike
ambrcsia ambrcsia Jan 23, 2016
if i see gifs of vanessa in spring breakers i might actually cry