Hiding • Scott McCall • Book One

Hiding • Scott McCall • Book One

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Erin Mclellan By Eri_Berri2312 Completed

Something attracted her to Beacon Hills. 

But she was known as the girl with the hood, who had a secret. 

By day she was a normal Teenage girl, by night she is a creature of the night. So what happens when she finds out that she isn't the only one and that there could possible be something killing people for the fun of it? She has to come out of hiding, and she will have some help with it. The help being...

Scott McCall and Stiles Stilinski.

(Season Two)
(I do not own Teen Wolf)
Completed Saturday 9th July 2016

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I’m sorry but I’m leaving I feel like you have excluded Alison and Lydia sorry bye
okoksara okoksara Nov 18, 2016
If she kills an alpha, doesn't she become an alpha? Please correct me if I'm wrong.