Sorry, Senpai~ (OHSHC HaruhiXOC, GirlXGirl)

Sorry, Senpai~ (OHSHC HaruhiXOC, GirlXGirl)

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daddy ( ͡° ͜ʖ ͡°) By CompleteDarkness Updated Jul 25

Everyone knows about Haruhi Fujioka, the Host Club's newest member... But there's a few things that the all-to clever members just haven't seemed to pick up on.

Michi Jikkan is a first-year student in class 1-A. Quite like Haruhi, who happens to be her best friend, she dresses like a boy, and sometimes even acts like one. She meets up with Haruhi and the Host Club, her secret having yet to be revealed.

As they all believe she's actually a male, they don't pay any mind to the constant flirting going on between Haruhi and Michi, save for the shouts of anguish from Tamaki.

So, naturally, Michi does what she does best; concealing her secret and Haruhi's with a bat of her eyelashes, a princely smile and just a cute phrase,

"Sorry, Senpai!~"

((HaruhiXOC, GirlxGirl fluff, c: ))

sockgym sockgym Aug 14
is this gay bc we're gay together and you ship us and we're married cuz same
I don't really ship Yuri but this I can't help it it's so cute
samisnotstr8 samisnotstr8 Feb 12, 2015
Can you update soon? This story seems interesting, so please update! :3
Miyoung-w- Miyoung-w- Feb 11, 2015
omg uppppdate love it, these stories are rare so pls don't give up on it!!!!
softjenissi softjenissi Jan 30, 2015
                              THANK YOU
                              YOU ARE MY NEW FAVORITE
boredomisnotfun boredomisnotfun Jan 30, 2015
Oh my god!! Yes! Finally yuri into the Ouran high school mix! All I've seen is yaoi and hetero... (?) is that what it is called? Hetero? Well whatever, just glad to see some yuri :)