Demon (BoyXBoy)(On Hold)

Demon (BoyXBoy)(On Hold)

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Chemical By Chemical2 Updated Jul 18, 2014

After seeing a mysterious boy at school, Ivory Cane can't seem to get him out of his head. Little does he realize that the boy -Storm- is having the same problem. Through a carefully planned turn of events, they meet face to face, the shocking news? Storm isn't what he appears. 

He's a demon, but not the only one with secrets. 

Can Storm save Ivory from a past he knows nothing about? 

Or will other threats get to him first?

XSleepingUnicornX XSleepingUnicornX Oct 27, 2016
And why isn't he in jail yet? This is some serious psycho shiz
I shivered when he took out his wings
                              Black wings and elf ears are so hot😍
KingSerenity KingSerenity Aug 13, 2016
Teenager scare the living shot out of me they can careless as long as someone'll bleed
iiGreySouls iiGreySouls Aug 01, 2016
...Don't worry XD My horoscope is.
                              Aries so I watch my crush with binoculars XD
iiGreySouls iiGreySouls Aug 01, 2016
You know, I was thinking about Dangronpona... when that one guy got turned into butter. I was like talking about why couldn't he be another food.
                              Then I realized he was once a person so I was having cannibalistic thoughts XD
FlamingIceFlowers FlamingIceFlowers Oct 20, 2016
Yaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaassssssssssssssssss!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! *starts screaming the whole at the top of my lungs* Best opening to a story ever!