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A Love Not Hers

A Love Not Hers

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Resa Ricah By Richa_resa Updated 11 hours ago

Valerie never thought of being in love . Seeing her family break down at a very small age , her belief in love was thrown out of window. Her father turned from a loving husband to a cheating bastard. Her mother unable to take her husband's betrayal took her own life. Since that moment in life she decided that love was nothing to her and never fall for it.
    She never wanted to fall in love but she fell in love with Drew. She gave him everything,  even her heart to only to have it returned broken. Drew disappeared from her life.
    Ashamed of her own self that she let her walls down and let herself become degraded in love she decided that rather than being in love she would better be in a loveless relationship.
    What happens when once again her life turns upside down? She meets Drew again. Secrets come out which effects everyone? Will love ever blossom in her life? Or she would be a lady with nine cats?
    A story filled with love, betrayal ,secrets ,twist and turns.
    This not a story where they meet again and fall in love.

TecnaWinx04 TecnaWinx04 Jan 07
Not to be rude or so but why did you delete the earlier version...why are you starting it again when you even didn't finished what you had already started ??  Plz answer...I m curious to know what changed
Wat???? Y did u delete will this one be the same on or different?
Will this be different from the one I deleted? BC I am definitely still rooting for Aiden ❤️😭
Arrrrggghhhh i don't want to read the story abt her and drew,.too painful,.i want  u to skip to her revenge,but im happy finally u update !!!
LittleMissReadALot1 LittleMissReadALot1 Dec 28, 2015
I AM SO EXCITED!!! I just finished "my innocent ex-wife" and lets just say that was amazing, i have a good feeling about this one
MariettaVillaluz MariettaVillaluz Dec 25, 2015
I'm just at the beginning and already excited.It's christmas and i stayed at home to read.