Flames Of Seduction- Book 1

Flames Of Seduction- Book 1

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Laura Brown By LauraEBrown Completed

***This story contains mature scenes***
She doesn't give up...
He doesn't let go...

They say we pay for our sins one way or another. They say life is cruel. The moment you find your hopes, your worst fear comes to you. They also say love is strong. They say love conquers all. But no one asks at what price?
An out-going but not-so-confident girl, Laura Brown, who has her own fancies and dreams of her Prince Charming, is working as an assistant in a small company. Her life is on a routine of going to work and hanging out with her friends.
She's hurt from her past. Things had happened that she did not deserve. But even after everything, she's strong and she passes every day taking a step away from her past.
That's until she meets the billionaire bachelor, Andrew Martinez, a man well-known as a successful CEO of his empire in the entire states and the world. Somehow their twisted relationship starts working, but then when Laura starts facing his dark hidden secrets little by little, her life changes.
Andrew, who is running from his own past and secrets, finds himself at the torment of life and regretting what he's done in the past more than ever. His fear has come to him, the fear of losing what you think you deserve.
Their twisted and cruel past start haunting them. But is she going to still be with him? Is Andrew the Prince charming she looks for? Can they get along or Laura has to leave with a broken heart...
This is a game of emotions, minds, hearts and fate... but little do they know this is the fate that plays with them. They find concepts of themselves they never knew. They face their secrets, challenges.
So the question comes down to: What's the price?

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And legs that looks like barbie doll means they r suffering from anorexia.
ashley_768 ashley_768 Mar 22, 2016
She's so like me. Before I had a boyfriend I used to think the same but don't worry Laura your prince charming is on the way.
Debby0C Debby0C Sep 19, 2016
The cover of the song Crazy in Love is fantastic
                              I like it!
letmezayn letmezayn May 14, 2016
I rather you not do that...it's too early for 2nd hand embarrassment
The_Experiment_Zech The_Experiment_Zech Nov 17, 2016
"It's about two days later."- the correction is "it is in two days" or just "in two days"
Avantika2103 Avantika2103 Dec 24, 2015
In chapter 1 when she tries on the dress and ella says she'll pay for it, it should be I'll not i