Scratches, Bruises, and Bullet Holes (Demi Lovato fanfic)

Scratches, Bruises, and Bullet Holes (Demi Lovato fanfic)

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Your Amiga By lookingforlovato Completed

I've been through the ringer, but I came out ok.A couple dents here and there, nothing I couldn't push to the back of my mind and hold with my mental Iron Man. 
But then she came.Her big brown eyes looking,not at me,but through me.Her gaze burning holes through my shirt. 
This was a whole different thing.This, this isn't just a girl to come in and out of my life like a flash of lightning in a winter storm.This was a raging tornado. 
After she came I got scratched,bruised and metaphorically shot.It all had the same affect,the same pain.I get hurt, she gets hurt.But both of us keep coming back to each other.Like magnets,we gravitate toward each other,flip and push away before flipping again and coming back together.This is how our love works,we know that,but we return for more every time anyway. It's only human do pursue our greatest desire. In this case,it's affection.

Who knows?The way this stroll in the park has been going,it could become reality. Only time will tell...


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lookingforlovato lookingforlovato Aug 06, 2017
THANK YOU SO MUCH @manasvigarg7!
                              Revisions are trying to get done on this but other stories got me busy haha
manasvigarg7 manasvigarg7 Aug 06, 2017
I am a big fan of Demi Lovato... And your story is dam good.
NonbinaryFreak NonbinaryFreak Apr 30, 2016
I can see it now! Write a book called: How To Get A Date With Demi Lovato