What A Tease [girlxgirl]

What A Tease [girlxgirl]

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Cassandra - I've gone through life's ups and downs because of you. I've felt how crazy love can be with you. But I just can't get you off my mind. You've got a piece of me and honestly, my life would suck without you.

Alice - I let you go once. I won't let go anymore. All these mixed signals? They're all your unsaid feelings. You're still there, hurting yourself with her. But I'll wait, and I'll be your crying shoulder. I'll be love's suicide.

Rebecca - I had lost you once. But you came back to me. Holding you now, feels like a mistery. How can I have you again? How can you still love me after all I let you went through? But now, the only thing I know is that I will do my best to cherish you forever, and never hurt you anymore.

When life gives you back what you've lost, how will you take it? 
Cass had it all. Money, good grades, popularity, friends, She was on top of the world. And she threw it all.
Alice, being a little girl, couldn't understand why or what had happened. All she knew was Cass was hurt and She wanted Cass to be happy again. So she did whatever she could to help out of love, only to have Cass walked out.
Rebecca didn't have a choice. She couldn't have given her burden to the woman she loves tenderly. She was afraid that Cass would have left her if she had known. So she had to endure everything until she exploded.

After almost 4 years, Cass is now back in town. Alice falls deeper in love with her, as Cass has a little crush on her. She thought this time, it will all go well. She would be dating Alice and everything's going to be fine. But when she met Rebecca, and saw that she still loves her, everything got way more complicated than before.

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ForeverYoung35 ForeverYoung35 Aug 07, 2014
OMG! One of my favorite songs xD 'Back to december' 
                              "Im so glad you made time to see me. Hows life? Tell me hows your family I havent seen them in awhile."
PoeticBeauty7598 PoeticBeauty7598 Apr 06, 2014
@KayLitha lol I haven't heard that song in a long time...think I should be surprised by the fact that I even remembered that part! lol :)
PoeticBeauty7598 PoeticBeauty7598 Apr 06, 2014
So was this suppose to sound like Taylor Swift's Back to December song?
apodim17 apodim17 Aug 27, 2013
i don't understand lol which one is first? how we met or this one?