Demi Lovato Lesbian Imagines

Demi Lovato Lesbian Imagines

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Demi Lovato By Demilovatoimagines_ Updated 4 days ago

{ These imagines are mostly from my instagram and I figured I'd put them on here. I hope you'll enjoy all of them! I'm still adding new ones till this day! And if you have any requests don't hesitate to leave a comment with your request! :) I love you! <3

- These imagines are about Demi Lovato it contains:
* Lesbians
*Sexy pictures __________________________________________
I recommend being 16+ to read the most of these. 


Every imagine with a (M+A) is about me and my girlfriend! :)

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A_warriors_Secret A_warriors_Secret Sep 03, 2017
Wow it ended me being tickled by Demi I'm actually ticklish so no!!!
A_warriors_Secret A_warriors_Secret Sep 03, 2017
OK I SAW THE WORD SEX OK!!! ILL DEFINITELY ENJOY THIS *grins* lol yep sorry im pervert
_KVreena _KVreena Sep 16, 2017
I be like, "Yep, Homeworks and Movies.......and maybe including the hickies." Hahahah
JasonMcCannReader JasonMcCannReader Dec 25, 2017
I don’t really like the VERY frequent use of the word “baby”
Pawprints30 Pawprints30 Mar 17
Oh and keep it coming along. Don’t get discouraged by others!
A_warriors_Secret A_warriors_Secret Sep 03, 2017
I think I'll like what's going to happen next *gets popcorn* in b ready!!!