Maid in Love (BTS FANFIC)

Maid in Love (BTS FANFIC)

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runamisaki By runamisaki Completed

Hello there everyone! I'm actually new to write a fanfic, and a new one to write fanfic about kpop idols, please bear with my english okay? :3 at least hope u understand haha♡ you can comment and vote if you like it!♡ I will work hard so everyone can enjoy my story!☆

this story is about how Han Yuki lives with BTS in their dorm as a maid. I chose V (Taehyung) as the male M.C :3 lol anyway enjoy~☆●○•°

1. Han Yuki/Yuki
2. Kim Taehyung/V
3. Park Jimin/Jimin
4. Jung Hoseok/Jhope
5. Jeon Jungkook/Jungkook
6. Kim Namjoon/Rapmonster 
7. Min Yoongi/Suga
8. Kim Seokjin/Jin

JIMIN stop worrying about food that's pretty princess Jin/ momma Jin's job
vkook56 vkook56 Apr 17
I really love it and bTW you are not that bad in English,so keep it up.😊
suga_unnie suga_unnie Dec 11, 2015
😢😢😢😢this story is kind of touching she has lost her patents she lives on her own and she gets a job by accident wow I would cry my eyes with all these emotions 😀😂😯😢😡
kimbapseokjin kimbapseokjin Nov 13, 2015
oh yes they're gonna worrying bout you since your job is .. uhh .. um you know ... weird .
liiviivp liiviivp Feb 16, 2015
@runamisaki They think they are Chinese and speak something wrong if the English, because I'm Spanish and well, you were English but no big deal
liiviivp liiviivp Feb 16, 2015
@runamisaki They think, I rare because I'm kpoper:( *It is up even though we are miles away*