BTS Preferences

BTS Preferences

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Georgia c: By sugaxjams Updated Sep 12

Some BTS preferences for you to enjoy reading!

This is all fiction, none of what is written is true. Enjoy all this fluffiness of your favourite 7 boys.

I update randomly :)

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#258 in Fanfiction - 15/6/17

spacexl spacexl Aug 05
i may or may not have accidentally thrown one of my cousins in a pool before
lrrxlevant lrrxlevant Jun 17
I would say sorry repeatedly to him if it ended up like this
Since in real life I don't have a boyfriend I will take my older sister shirts or basketball short or sweatshirts
azucarbts azucarbts Jul 28
If this were me I probably would've made this casual thing real awkward
Why did I imagine Tae jokingly trying to lick his lips sexually like top lip to bottom lip and winking all weird.. just me.. okay..