BTS Preferences

BTS Preferences

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Georgia c: By sugaxjams Updated Nov 02

Some BTS preferences for you to enjoy reading!

This is all fiction, none of what is written is true. Enjoy all this fluffiness of your favourite 7 boys.

I update randomly :)

DISCLAIMER: This is my work. If I see anyone stealing this, you will be reported. You have been warned.

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Why are we so casual? I would be so awkward even if I did end up doing it
spacexl spacexl Aug 05
i may or may not have accidentally thrown one of my cousins in a pool before
5sos43v3r 5sos43v3r Oct 26
Sleeping ugly, unless this was switched and  jimin was the one sleeping, than it would be sleeping beauty.
Ish2020 Ish2020 Sep 23
Wait this is a BTS preference book so why is Wonho the cover?
5sos43v3r 5sos43v3r Oct 26
Its so easy to accidentally throw someone into a pool, its just like accidentally walking behind someone and they accidentally fall in😇😁
"why did you do that?"
                              "because I love you"
                              Scallison feels