Love & Death [Femdom 18+]

Love & Death [Femdom 18+]

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Alexandria LaMenthe By MintyRevolution Updated May 19, 2017

WARNING: This is for adults only! You'll have to follow me to read some of the chapters! 

Geneva is a Cupid. Her methods are a little unorthodox, but her success rate has been damn near perfect. That is, until her most recent Client, Lizzy gets into a car accident and comes face to face with Death himself. Now Geneva is fighting for Lizzy's life, bargaining everything she has for just enough time to get her Client to fall in love. 

Adrian has been a Reaper for centuries. Not once had he ever accidentally touched anyone. That is, until the beauty of a Cupid throws herself in front of her injured companion. For the first time in years, he felt anger and that emotion opened a Pandora's box of feelings he'd worked hard to suppress. The Cupid was trouble, his heart could feel it.

KINK: Femdom and all the things it encompasses. Like chastity. I'm serious, folks. If you can't handle subversive ideology, GTFO.

Updates EVERY Wednesday!

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- - Jun 05, 2016
I'm excited. You don't get many femdom storied here. I'm trying to start up a femdom oneshots book myself
Purplebraids Purplebraids Mar 18, 2016
So everything dies if he touches it? HOW WILL THEY...UMMM..KISS?
ozthewild ozthewild Sep 26, 2015
That. Was. Fantastic. Sorry, I don't have anything clever or constructive to add; it was just great from top to bottom.
kaylita121 kaylita121 Apr 20, 2015
This was an amazing beginning chapter you caught on to readers attention and held it to the very end. I like it! :) There wasn't a single flaw in this chapter.
monaTreese monaTreese Apr 16, 2015
I love this line, "They had almost limitless....multitude of lovers." So real.