Chats With Batboy

Chats With Batboy

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"It's not like you could do anything about it Mr. Milo."

"Who says I can't? I'm Batman. Give the signal and I'll fucking be there."


A boy with a unique Batman obsession converses with a smart mouthed girl who lives on his favorite superhero.


Cover inspired by @extrachipper

#10 in Short Story (dialogue category)

I once called a guy I have a crush on "Mr. D" and it was probably one of the most cringiest moments of my life
Oh, you answered my question, so they texting? But why do they text"-"
                              Wait! They maybe is TALKING.(I know the texts says talking, but when I'm texting someone I use the word talk too)
I love it when guys are protective. It's almost like an instinct and it's really sweet. And I mean in general, not just over their SO. (I know people get scared by the bada** violent threats but I think a lot of straight girls love a man who can throw a punch - er, I'm straight by the way)
- - Mar 18
I'm going to use this expression a lot in future😂😂😂😂