The Bully's Nerd (#Wattys2016)

The Bully's Nerd (#Wattys2016)

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(First Book In The Breaking Tomorrow Series)

Lenne. She broke. She kept going. She cracked. She fell for him. She got hurt.
Jake. He broke her. He kept after her. He fixed her. He fell for her. He didn't mean to hurt her. 

A twist on a cliche that might just break your heart. 

Story by: _aime_

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DemonicallyAngelic08 DemonicallyAngelic08 Aug 28, 2016
@xdisnerdx I think you should start reading this already.. Also the grammar is 👏👏👏👌👌
Schai78728 Schai78728 Dec 21, 2016
Why would she try to annoy the maid? 😢 the maid seems so nice ;-;
Icepaw12 Icepaw12 Aug 27, 2016
I liked the midget sentence so much I looked in the mirror and acted it out
imperfect_single imperfect_single Dec 21, 2016
When u really hate that person until u want to give up on eating fries
danabazerbachi danabazerbachi Aug 17, 2016
Tip: It would be nicer if you skipped lines between sentences, it makes it easier to read that's all...
DON'T GIVE UP THE FRIES. GIVE THEM TO ME!!! *Viciously tries to grab the fries*