A Thousand Salt Kisses Later (Draft - Book 2 of Salt Kiss series)

A Thousand Salt Kisses Later (Draft - Book 2 of Salt Kiss series)

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The Sequel to A Thousand Salt Kisses 

Spoiler Alert - advisable not to read below if you wish to read ATSK (Book 1) first.

Four years have passed since Crystal White met and fell in love with handsome, intriguing merman, Llyr.  

Although she has busied herself in colorful London uni life and found happiness with her boyfriend Sam, something inside of her just can't let go of her first love.

With uni ending and no job in sight, Crystal knows she must return to Starfish Island.  Back by the sea, she yearns for Llyr more than ever and when an opportunity arises to contact the mer-folk, Crystal finds it impossible to resist.  

However, when Crystal reaches out she discovers that not only has Llyr moved on but a magical secret about herself is unlocked...

Will she be able to rekindle that precious love they once shared whilst also struggling to undo a spell cast the very summer they met?

This is a New Adult story
Cover by @fantasyfann123

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Moss_IT Moss_IT Jun 15, 2017
I'm so confused, I was reading the 3rd book in the series and it's just gone. Has it been removed?
AlaynaRodriguez2 AlaynaRodriguez2 Jul 01, 2017
Hey, I just wrote a new mermaid fantasy story and would love if you'd check it out ❤️ thanks.
jasmyne0914 jasmyne0914 May 21, 2016
Mermaids used to be my obsession when I was little. This is a great series. Keep it up, but do you mind looking at some of mine?
Bluedove389 Bluedove389 Mar 08, 2016
I feel like she gonna turn into a half mermaid like in Barbie a mermaid tail at the end of the book 👍👏🐋
AnonymousxEx AnonymousxEx Oct 19, 2015
What?! No Llyr and Crystal are supposed to. End up together and who knows maybe she can get her boyfriend Sam and phe( sorry I forgot her name and I can't spell it together)
queenofwoah queenofwoah Oct 07, 2015
Still haven't figured out how to pronounce that dang name :(