Nights In TOKYO (A Travel Memoir)

Nights In TOKYO (A Travel Memoir)

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TAKATSU タカ By takatsu Updated Dec 02, 2014

A combination of a novel, a memoir and a travelogue, both fiction and non-fiction, a globe-trotting adventure full of sentiment, music, low budgets, trains, encounters and lifestyle, the author confronts his memories - and the miracles - on the page, and embarks on a new trip to celebrate Christmas in Japan in 2014. This is a flawed attempt at aligning the past from two years ago and the present: the musician, the dreamer and the writer, the philosopher, together in one place. Follow his adventures in Japan, and within the soul.

Based 100% on true experiences. Keep an eye out for attached photo and video content

From the author of featured acclaimed novel, "Espresso Love" and the pioneer of the English cell phone novel movement.

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UnfinishedHighway UnfinishedHighway Jun 11, 2018
I can picture this scene so clearly in my head and the way the people speak feels so natural. I'm reading this on a rainy day and it's the perfect weather for something like this
FreakOfNature6 FreakOfNature6 Dec 02, 2014
日本が大好きです!!!九月に日本へ行きました。とても楽しいです。I look forward to reading this novel. I hope you include some of the places I had been to during my time there. ☺☺
millennialsmonologue millennialsmonologue Nov 18, 2014
yes----man up and just do it!  sorry but guys are sometime so dumb haha.  nice writing! def brought back lots of memories
Chrisccf Chrisccf Nov 14, 2014
Totally love it! It's so human in this story. I mean this is the way people would talk to each other in reality,that makes this story lovely.
michellezdong michellezdong Nov 14, 2014
i like the idea of the handwritten note. it's not high school. it's romantically old-school ;) 
                              also, u can play the guitar??? u should totally put up a clip on youtube and link to this chapter
nashipo nashipo Nov 14, 2014
This is lovely. The scene is as clear as daylight. I mean, it is perfect. the attitudes of the people here are perfect. Love the part in Espresso Love where Cosmo Clock makes an appearance. your writing style is captivating as always~