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Soulless (GirlxGirl)

Soulless (GirlxGirl)

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SJ By SkylarJapera Updated Apr 18, 2016

More than a hundred years ago the world as we know it went into chaos. The population hit more than 12 billion and resources became a shortage. A third of the worlds population began to starve and wars over oil was changed to wars over food and water supply. 

World War 3 began.

Many countries began to set rules. Only able to have one child per family. Then it changed to no children at all. People became furious. Saying that the govenment had no right taking away children at birth and murdering them. The world went into complete darkness. Countries became over-run and the only stable countries left was United States, Japan, and Russia.

These countries began to work together. They created a new water and food supply. Fruits, meats, and grains was produced. Now enough food to feed the world.

However, over time the new produced water began to create bad symptoms to many people around the world. And this is when the demonic age began.

Kira_Void_Wolf Kira_Void_Wolf Apr 11, 2016
Rip my life I just play games read and am trying to become a game designer /s
BloodyRedRuby BloodyRedRuby Nov 14, 2016
Well I've noticed they always make one teacher the bad guy for some kinda reason, plus why compare ones efforts with others hate when ppl do that. 😒
The_Akward_Silence The_Akward_Silence Jul 07, 2015
and pus*y ....lots and lots of pus*y 
                              im talking about cats ...nah not really
BrenDONE_With_You BrenDONE_With_You May 09, 2015
i thought that said My Chemical Romance and I freaked out a bit.
BrenDONE_With_You BrenDONE_With_You May 09, 2015
hey is this a Cara fanfic or is she just using her as one of the characters??
Geoella Geoella Feb 05, 2015
I get it the WW3 happened because men are being hyper rabbits ?