Mystic High [Hiatus]

Mystic High [Hiatus]

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Ivana Keynes By storyweaver95 Updated Jun 05, 2016

Oriane Moore, the new addition to the Diana Mist College, recently discovered that she is a witch. Or more specifically, a so-called 'elemental'. It's changed her life completely.

Aside from the usual hocus pocus and black cats, Oriane, like her fellow classmates, is supposed to have control over at least one of the affinities: Fire. Water. Air. Clay. Energy. 

It's bad enough being the new girl in town, but to make things worse, she hasn't discovered her affinity yet. Which makes her... pretty much human in a school full of the supernatural. 

While she tries to come to terms with her new identity, an imminent threat lurks in the corners of the serenely composed school. 

Life is tough at 'Mystic High'!

Highest Ranking: #7 on Paranormal 'Hot' List
Contains: Student-Teacher Romance
Current Chapter: MH │37
Updates: Weekends

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efemreads efemreads Jul 11, 2016
These are pretty awesome details. What a way to start this story. I'm sooo hooked! 🙌😊
Deekshadreamz Deekshadreamz Apr 20, 2016
It's a little weird reading the glossary before the actual story but it's better to enter with all the knowledge.
                              Imagine reading harry potter without knowing what avada kedavra  means
pinkfuzzycarpet pinkfuzzycarpet Mar 19, 2016
I feel like this is gonna be a cross of Avatar the Last Airbender and Sky High. I already love it!
zombieari007 zombieari007 May 03, 2016
There are so many big words and I'm still confused ☹️🤔😔
20shane00 20shane00 Apr 11, 2016
these descriptions are awesomely detailed this is going to be awesome!
TanahRig TanahRig Apr 21, 2016
So far, loving the descriptions. Making me excited to get started reading.