Reject (mxm)

Reject (mxm)

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Isabella Kai By isabella_kai Completed

Paranormal Romance (Werewolf)

You know that movie Jerry Maguire? It’s about this sports agent who got fired for suddenly having a conscience. Anyway, there’s this very romantic scene by the end of the movie when Jerry made this very heartfelt and passionate declaration to his wife. Those words would melt you into a puddle and make you burst into tears thinking, “I want to have that kind of love!”

Well that very sweet scene did not happen on this story, not all of it anyway. Don’t get me wrong it was heart wrenching, very much so, and there was a passionate declaration. But instead of saying the oh so loving, oh so sweet and oh so scripted “I love you. You complete me…” like Jerry did in the movie, my ‘mate’, the other half of my soul and the one who ‘completes’ me said, “I hate you. I wish you were dead!” He said it with disgust and anger burning in his eyes. He didn't run into my arms like he was supposed to, he ran away from it. 

But who could blame him? Jerry Maguire was right. We live in a cynical world and we work on a business of tough competitors. Why would my mate want to be with me? He’d be shunned and be forever laughed at. Aside from the fact that I was male, I’m basically useless to him because I’m a werewolf who can’t phase. He’s an alpha. He could have anyone he wants. And me, well, I’m on the bottom of the pack, the runt of the litter. 

The council didn’t know what to do with me. They couldn’t kill me since it could drive my mate insane, even if he didn't want me. I can’t kill myself because it would probably have the same effect on him. I have to live but I can’t be with my mate and my pack. So I made it easier for everyone, I ran away. 

I always believed in the saying “Out of sight, out of mind.” What I didn't consider was the possibility that they’d come after me and forcefully bring me back.

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HollyGwakamolly HollyGwakamolly Apr 18, 2017
Wow this book's description was so good!!!! Wow 
                              Like if it was so great I expect the book to be so good😍
katfischbach katfischbach Nov 10, 2016
I hope you don't mind but I got some inspiration and ideas from this story to use in my own story. ☺️
DancingFridges DancingFridges Jun 19, 2016
THANK YOU ,I just read the bio and I am in LOVE .I am SICK of all the  cliche romances on wattpad.I love boyxboy and I consider myself a yaoi expert(hehe).This looks absolutely amazing .
KatherineMKnight KatherineMKnight Oct 08, 2015
I've been looking for this story for days, it's one of my favorites! Can't wait to read it again.
XxSJuneBug4xX XxSJuneBug4xX Jun 26, 2015
Would commenting songs that work good with reading along with certain chapters count as self-advertising cuz I do tht all time...I don't wNt to self-advertise!!!!!
KawaiiKumaGirl KawaiiKumaGirl May 25, 2015
I added this to my library and voted on this once I read the summary I can already tell this story is going to be great! :-)