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The Girl and the Shark

The Girl and the Shark

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Your friendly neighbourhood weirdo By Chimera98 Updated Apr 05, 2016

We all know the classic, Little Mermaid. The mermaid falls in love with the prince. But in this story, the princess falls in love with the shark. 

When a local young boy is thought to have been killed by sharks, Erica's small town turns into a place of distrust and fear. Even though she is scared of water after her ghastly encounter, Erica can't help being fascinated by the Blacktip Reef Sharks that are getting the blame for the death of little Ben Moore. There is something special about one of the sharks - something almost human. 

Then she saves the life of a shark which is painfully familiar, and that almost takes her breath away...

Cover image can be found on my deviantART - ShuggaRush. ;)

Rikuo_Kuin Rikuo_Kuin Jun 01, 2016
Imma leave a comment before reading to say my name is really Erica and it is spelled the same way in your story so when I was reading the story's description and saw that the main character was named Erica i almost had a heart attack!  So yeah let's hope this is good lol
mwrightowl mwrightowl Aug 20, 2014
Like it  But try to capitalize the 'I' in each sentence. Sry grammar nazi :3
SmotheringShadow SmotheringShadow Apr 16, 2014
I haven't started reading this yet but omg, I love the sound of it. I usually only read finished books but this one just sounds brilliant. I LOVE the cover!
Chimera98 Chimera98 Mar 13, 2013
@LuckyRaven omg LOLZ of course i am im just very busy and i need to find some time besides school, my manga, my other book Amestris High and commisions :) tough life man. BUT I SHALLL UPDATEEEE
Chimera98 Chimera98 Oct 09, 2012
something new :D
                              if anyone of you read Shiver by Maggie Stiefvater then this story was inspired (a lot)  from that book ^^