Lady Mystique: The Forgotten (COMPLETED)

Lady Mystique: The Forgotten (COMPLETED)

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Iciadormile By ICIACICLES Completed

Hi guys this would be my very first story here in Wattpad and  I hope you will like this story :D Please support me and please vote, comment, and share. Don't hesitate to ask if you have any questions about my story. thank you :D

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This is a book of fiction. All the happenings and characters of this story are purelypart of my imagination and are coincidental. Any parts of this books may not be reproduced by any means or any forms.


Brianna Coleen Montez was born in America, but she transferred in the Philippines when she was just 6 years old. She's the only daughter of Greg and Lorraine Montez the owner of the Montez University. Brianna is a sweet, tough and loving daughter. If she has a leisure time, she loves taking long, rambling walks, listening musics, chatting with friends, and watching movies. Her life turn upside down when her parents were murdered by those unknown man. 

She swears that she will not let those people go without paying. The justice her parents deserve. The sweet and loving Brianna became vengeful and full of hate. The only thing in her mind are justice and revenge. Will she be able to get what she wants if what she all thought was just all a lie?

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