Unexpected Nerd

Unexpected Nerd

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Baekhyunee's🌸 By pandajuliet Completed

You are just a nerd in a big circles of students in your school.
Or so you thought that is. You run into someone who you wish you could avoid forever and thought that he's just a jerk.

But who knows behind the story of his and yours, lie a hidden truth that you would never expect it to be.

You thought you're just a nerd and nothing more. What if it's not as easy as you thought? What if you're an unexpected nerd?

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SophiaStarz SophiaStarz Sep 24
In the Philippines there is no such things as popular kids and nerds and geeks... Everybody is treated the same... Except for the fact that there are bullies here, but still it's good to be yourself.
Ofc him...i mean he's just damnnn 😂👌👌🔥🔥💯💯
Someone stop lying to this guy srly? He looks weaker then the kid I chased in school for hitting me on the head (that was yesterday and I had no regrets)
Well damn wheres kai of lulu  i have to bump into one of them 'accidentally ' so i can get his necklace .
Aeri365 Aeri365 Oct 07
I need to get into that school, be a nerd and bump into Exo... Yasss, future goals
Me: nope! *throws necklace and walks out* nope! *changes schools*