The Tall Police and the Short Detective ♡|| Chanbaek FF

The Tall Police and the Short Detective ♡|| Chanbaek FF

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ѕσfтιє By Softie_Blossom Updated Jun 02

Baekhyun, a young handsome detective that every girl on the office drools over of. He is one of the best detectives in his office who has clear every case perfectly. 

Chanyeol, a quiet police officer that is the team captain even though he is one of the youngest of the team. The tall boy gets respected by many because of his skills. 

The 2 meet at a case in the amusement park, The horror cave serial killing case. The killer, who is actually Chanyeol's beloved uncle, kidnapped Baekhyun, knowing that Baekhyun is going to catch him at the end. But what's gonna happened when Chanyeol finds out that Baekhyun is actually Chanyeol's childhood best friend and develop feelings for him?

News, updated 2020

Hey guys. I know I haven't been uploading. I want to take a break because I have been really messing up my time management and back then I keep writing at midnight and it's really bad. I am also trying to plan the rest of the plot while at it. But I was so surprised that even if I am not writing anymore, there is so many people still reading it and it really makes me feel so grateful. I will be back at my best rate. Thanks fluffies 💓