I'll Make You Fall For Me

I'll Make You Fall For Me

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A ChanBaek/BaekYeol fanfiction.

Chanyeol is a straight-handsome-guy who has a tall body, charming smile, and he's the school heart-throb as well.

While Baekhyun has a diva-type personality. He got everything he want; house, money, friends, popularity, everything. Which is mean he can get Park Chan Yeol.
This fiction is pure my imagination.

Serena5678 Serena5678 Aug 30
Baekhyun... are u fuckin serious that is park ffin Chanyeol u don't need to dress up as a girl to impress him. He was basically made for u
And because of that, I always go to the same cafe just to look at him and sit there with a magazine or a newspaper, barely flipping it 'cause I use it as props.*
He sat there mesmerizingly, handsomely, and perfectly with all the girls.* Curse it
He looked back at me and gave me a charming smile.* Lol, just kidding. He didn't look at me and he didn't give me a charming smile.* It's just my imagination* (Sorry for being rude)
When his parents can afford a house for their son, and I'm here like my parents can't even afford a £30 phone......
smja111 smja111 Jul 08
Dont worry bae hes urs only or i'll punch him for looking at others👊👊