Embers of Frost

Embers of Frost

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Erika By ErikaTappy Updated Oct 14, 2015

“To trust someone is to place your life in their hands, either a blessing or a curse. And if I were to be cursed, it wouldn’t be by you.”

A tragedy unforeseen. A death written by destiny. 

Dawn and Dusk Willows’ lives are turned upside down one fateful night when their mother is murdered by a mysterious man. The peasant twins are torn apart, stranded on different corners of the world. Different kingdoms, different upbringing, different fates. 

She’s a mere commoner; he the future king. Her flames seek out her long lost twin, his ice crystals carving out a path for him. Her temper knows no bounds, his calm attitude perfect to play tricks on others. Dawn enlists a band of outlaws’ help to search him, while Dusk longs to avenge his mother one day. 

Their paths had converged long ago, yet remained intertwined in the intricate web of fate. Now they shall meet once more. Fire will clash with ice. Blizzards will blaze. And the embers of frost will fall again.

~ Slow and sporadic updates ~

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