The Courtesan Prince (Okal Rel Saga #1)

The Courtesan Prince (Okal Rel Saga #1)

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☆WATTPAD EDITORS' CHOICE☆ The Okal Rel Saga begins in this dramatic personification of cultural conflict through the struggle of Ann, Ranar, Amel and Di Mon to find common ground in the battle to protect humanity from itself. 

The ten-book saga was originally published by Edge Science Fiction and Fantasy, a mid-sized Canadian press, between 1999 when contracts were signed, and the sale of rights back to Lynda Williams in 2013. It chronicles the epic story of how the neo-feudal Sevolites of the Gelack Empire and the egalitarian Reetions of the Alpha Colonies, are perilously re-united. The fallout covers over thirty years, with gaps between some books. Culture clash is played out through characters who struggle to make sense of everything from conquest to love affairs, in a world where the rules are beginning to change for everybody.

The Okal Rel Saga is now starting a new life on Wattpad. All votes, comments and follows are much appreciated.  Welcome to the Okal Rel Universe!

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