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Those who managed to outlive the invasion scrambled to retreat underground. Hidden away, they wait for better days.

After twenty-four years struggling to exist, that same diminishing society attempts to replenish all they've lost. They must return to the surface of the earth and hunt for salvage-dodging the patrolling Invaders and collecting scrap metal for their makeshift city. Protecting the scavengers is dangerous work slotted only for the bravest and craziest sons-of-bitches raised below ground. It's a job only the Reapers of Earth's Militia are eager to tackle. 

Lucky for the scavengers, Reaper Captain Janika Lorn is one gutsy SOB.  

Unfortunately, it's this same strength, intelligence, and fearlessness make her a top candidate for the Human Hope Project-a government-enforced breeding regime and last-ditch effort to replenish a dying population. 

But bringing more people into the world is the last thing Captain Lorn wants. Especially when her contracted partner is war hero and childhood best friend, Captain Dean Freyer.

Before her regimented life of Topside adventure is shattered by the HHP and their suffocating repopulation program, she's offered a position in a last attempt to save humanity through the mass exodus of the planet. With all the expectations of her society weighing heavily on her shoulders, Lorn faces horrifying challenges while fulfilling her contract, repairing the fractured friendship with Dean, stirring up a scandalous affair with another member of the operation, and keeping her people from dying at the hands of the Invaders. 

Especially when it comes to dealing with the vile, malicious race of aliens hosting the humans in their ship, the ARC10, she has no idea if this journey is going to bring about her salvation or her demise. 
Watty 2017 
Winner of Storysmith Award
#10 in Science Fiction on November 7, 2017

Cover art by @vaepour.
Copyright © 2016 by LL Montez

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PrairieCreek PrairieCreek Nov 21, 2017
I was unclear what "it" was in this sentence. I thought she meant watching her bottom being tapped. The next sentence clarifies it, but it tripped me out of the story.
DawnKelli DawnKelli Nov 25, 2017
Awesome start! Lot's of action going on, keeping me intrigued.☺
morningtides morningtides Dec 10, 2017
I’m finally getting to read this outside of TEA!! It’s better than I remembered ... that was supposed to be a compliment ... just ignore me! 😂😂😂
KellyJBurke KellyJBurke Nov 03, 2017
I think you could delete shaking and just leave it as "the ground continued to quake" since that means it's shaking.
PrairieCreek PrairieCreek Nov 21, 2017
Great intro to the story. We really get a feel for both Janika's and Dean's personalities.
KellyJBurke KellyJBurke Nov 03, 2017
The simile is odd here. "It wasn't until she saw the single dimmed light coming straight towards her that she allowed herself a small shrug of joy." conveys the same information while it avoids wordiness.