With Crayons and Love (Romantic Suspense) [COMPLETED]

With Crayons and Love (Romantic Suspense) [COMPLETED]

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Jasmine Greene By JasmineDahlia Completed

Tessa O'Brien is a twenty-three year old woman with a dark past. Her only experience with love took a dark turn for the worst, and she has not yet fully recovered from the literal blows of her experience. Determined to rebuild her self-esteem and her life, Tessa builds a safe, spontaneous home around her work as a pottery artist and newspaper journalist. 

That is, of course, until her family entrusts her with the care of her fostered five year old cousin Stella, who is very much obsessed with crayons. And as if that isn't enough of a shock to her well-structured system, the handsome and devilishly charming artist who moves into her apartment building sets her in his sights, with much more than just crayons in mind.

It seems everything is finally starting to fall into place in Tessa's life, until the darkness of her past comes to haunt her once again, and threatens everything she has come to love. Luckily one man has vowed to protect the redheaded beauty, with whatever means necessary. Now, if only she'd let him...

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DreamGirl_x DreamGirl_x Sep 16, 2017
I have the feeling that this is going to be a good story😍
arwenix1 arwenix1 Apr 21, 2017
This is wonderfully written, one of the best on here in my opinion! Just keep up the good work
margie_c margie_c Jun 16, 2016
This reminded me of Junie B Jones
                              "Hi my name is Junie B. Jones. The B stands for Beatrice. Except I don't like Beatrice. I just like B and that's all"
Continets Continets Aug 29, 2016
I don't know how, but I do this. Like, it makes no sense, but I literally will sit there a few hours past the meal time and be like "Wait... Something's missing..."
YoursTrulyJaneDoee YoursTrulyJaneDoee Apr 22, 2016
                              And that's all I got. 😂😂😂😂
FrazierWallaceLynch FrazierWallaceLynch Jan 18, 2017
I do too. And on some days, I gobble up everything eatable I see.