heyyyy.... (jerrie)

heyyyy.... (jerrie)

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jade's POV

Here i am walking into school with my two best friends.Jesy and Leigh, just like we do every morning.All down the corridor people stare, you see we are what some people would say popular.But were not the the sterotypical mean popular girls,were actually nice to everyone except mean people or this girl named ashley jones.Ashley has had a crush on me since we were 16.Were seniors now.

I should also say that me and jesy are on the basketball team and leigh is on the cheerleading squad. My dad is the basketball coach and my mom is the cheerleading coach.

"Hey cutie", i hear ashley say to me.

"Hi" , i say

"You look soo good today"

"Look Ashley i'm not interested nor will i ever be, so just back off already", i tell Ashley sternly.

"Yea ashley just stop everybody knows she doesn't like you", jesy says.

"Shut up jesy, and I will have you jade and I will do whatever it takes", she whispers the last part in my ear.Which makes me sick.

"Never talk to Jesy like that and I will...

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