Tainted :〔Diabolik Lovers Fan-fiction〕|| EDITING ||

Tainted :〔Diabolik Lovers Fan-fiction〕|| EDITING ||

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✧ & ; mari™ ✧ By Oh_My_Jujube Updated Nov 13, 2015

Her mind remains to be vacuous . The only memories still in her grasp are of no use to her amnesiac self. With her first fourteen years already down the drain, she decides to start fresh; after 'running away from home.'

Dealt with such transitions are never denoted as 'easy', and, in her case, never safe as well. When cast into a household of sadistic vampires, her inner stupor begins to rise.

When a girl whom doesn't recall three-quarters of her life is thrown into such hellhole, most people may believe that she's already at her peak of damnation-they were wrong.

Kameko's bubbly and sarcastic personality contravened with the Sakamaki brothers' an awful lot, but she decides to ignore that fact; it would be an amazing opportunity to mess with them.

The things she had planned . . . Didn't go exactly as planned. Her parents; kidnapped. Her love-life; premature. Her memories; fictitious. 

Supposedly, her teenage years were meant to be as careless and free as possible. When extenuating circumstances come to bite her in the butt, will she have the ability to overcome them? As if tossed into this hellhole known as 'the plot' didn't bring enough incertitude, another query is brought upon the surface-who was this 'Yui Komori' that her recollections keep bringing up?

"If I'm going to be your blood bag, you'll have to agree to be my punching bag."


「I don't own Diabolik Lovers, all rights go to Rejet. I'm just an overly obsessed fan-girl who writes about their lives. All I own is my OC. FIRST FAN-FICTION.」

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Wow you could make a good undercover agents guys. Not suspicious at all
Waiitttttt so her parents left cuz they wanted to drink blood 
                              Imma genius 🤯🤯😂😂😂
B_Pill B_Pill Feb 13
Me, I can’t go one day with out being offended
                              Friends: We can’t say anything around her
                              Me:that’s offensive— I mean
                              Friends: Mhhh
Cakes-and-anime Cakes-and-anime Jul 06, 2016
U should've listened to me in the whole first chapter and..idk...GTFO?!!!!! Jeeez..
YourTimeSeemsToBeUp YourTimeSeemsToBeUp Dec 30, 2015
Person to punch in the face when i wake up? 
                              OK THANK YOU IDOIT😁
LazySusie4ever LazySusie4ever Dec 04, 2015
Ok then... Why don't you call her cookies instead of pancakes then??