Forgotten again (Diabolik lovers) [COMPLETED]

Forgotten again (Diabolik lovers) [COMPLETED]

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I'm Yami Kakudo. 

I was really good friends with the Sakamaki and the Mukami brothers when I was small, but the good times didn't last long. 

My family got into a accident and they all forgot me. 

I was kicked out of the house since they thought I was an intruder. 

I ran and ran and found myself In front of a church. 

I was found by Seiji Komori and adopted by him. 

I also met my older sister Yui Komori,but still doesn't know that I'm a adopted sister. 

I really wanted to meet my best friends again but I never got a chance. 

One day father said that he will sent us the the Sakamaki manor and I was over joyed, but when we got there nobody remembered me... 

Am I forgotten again?

- - Aug 01, 2016
Wouldn't your family remember you if they have had pictures of you or maybe you looked different!?~
chaerin-30 chaerin-30 Feb 18, 2016
Where did you get the picture of the diabolik characters standing under the stars because I've been trying to find that picture for weeks
chaerin-30 chaerin-30 Feb 19, 2016
The next time you wright in this book can you put the photo so I can download it
I love your intro,it could've easily caught anyone's attention due to the human's curiosity rate,I look forward to your story.
not to hate but i have seen so MANY oc's with long straight black hair i almost never see an oc with a diffrent kind of hair color its just my opinion