The Brunette Who Slapped Me

The Brunette Who Slapped Me

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SshhLove By nastychocolate Updated 5 days ago

"You're gorgeous but that's not impressing me right now." He said leaning dangerously close.

"But I'm sorry. I shouldn't have." I cried. 

"Tsk, Sorry won't be enough, gorgeous." He said moving away and walking out the door leaving me in shock.


"DONT. YOU. DARE. TOUCH. ME. EVER. AGAIN" I delivered him slight punches on his chest with every word
 I spat, making his eyes darker in rage. 

He grabbed my wrist to stop me when I tried walking back to my car after whatever I said. He held my wrist tighter, making sure to bruise it. I refused to turn around to face him. 

"I don't know your intention of being around us. But whatever it is, once I find it out. You'll regret your own existence." He growled and dropped my hand. 

"Whatever" I mumbled, and walked back to my car not wanting to face him anymore. 


Okay beautiful people! 
This is a story has thriller, bit of romance, action and all what you were looking for
It's about a girl who had no idea that she would have to pay so hard for a little mistake. But will she ever know what her mistake was? Will she ever figure out why is she even being punished? Read more to check out.❣️

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I am ok with dancing like a idiot in front of most furious teacher of this world as dare...  But slipping stranger! Nope~
KaveriBanke KaveriBanke May 20
Yea.. get yourself into situations you cannot get out of. Yes. Sweetheart. You can do it.
luna_star21 luna_star21 May 14
I like it! 😂 I feel bad he got slapped but a dare is a dare
millie-020 millie-020 May 17
Yep, buh surprisingly not with the victim buh his frnd
                              I like this
jaydean_jae jaydean_jae Jun 14
Bam.....😂😂😂 it's actually the enthusiasm
duhitz_staya duhitz_staya 5 days ago