Starlight ⤖ j.jk

Starlight ⤖ j.jk

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❝Time truly has no pity for any of us. It takes and it takes and it just keeps on taking. And there is nothing we can do about it except sit back and accept loosing the people we love,until time finally decides it's time to take us too.❞

Life is complex and no one will truly understand why it is the way it is. Why we must struggle so.
This story follows three teenagers who have dealt with their fair share of pain, and this is only the beginning.
But maybe they will find something within each-other to help ease the pain.

❝now I understand the darkness for what it really is. Or at least what it really is to me. It's a beautiful pain, an immaculate anguish.❞

|Previously names Fuckboy|

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sueshilee sueshilee Aug 16
It worries me how depressed everyone here is so imma just break the ice and say that I’m actually happy, not today but mostly I think I’m happy
Juviaz Juviaz Aug 26
School starts 8:50 for me😭and I'm still never on time😂
dnamsln dnamsln 5 days ago
I have minor depression (not a big deal)my friend got the most super depression