Facing Away (Broken Streetfighter)

Facing Away (Broken Streetfighter)

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Via Mondez By Via_Dez_Roy Updated Jun 29

(#1 in broken 7/5/2018)
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Amy Kuether has been planning on getting away the moment she could. During the day she stays away from her abusive and drunk father. At night, she stays away from all the gangs who are after the mysterious black rose. 
She needs to get away, because she would do anything for her siblings, it doesn't matter what she has to sacrifice, as long as they are safe, nothing matters.  

Alexander Black is the leader of the Dark Knights - the deadliest gang in the United States. Despite getting off on the wrong foot, Alex soon falls in love with someone who fears him as much as he loves her. But with Amy always Facing Away from anything that sways her from her goals, just how much can Alexander give to the girl who doesn't want to stay?

"Everything I do, Everything I say, it's for them, it will always be for them."

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... it's so amazing! Not cliche or boring, I really love it! - @Fanfic_Writer_03

.... THAT BOOK DESERVES MORE like literally that book is so.......... no words. It keeps you hyped up for what will be coming. Believe me , I luv that story - @unexpectedlyweird

Lol this is a good book, it conveys heaps of emotions and makes the reader actually feel them. - @bishnuegget1


*Book one in the Broken series*

*WARNING* Story will start dark, but will lighten up in later chapters! Also, this will not be your average cliche story! Twists, turns, death and betrayal will be involved!

Current Cover done by @Liatate_Liatate
Former Cover done by @PositivelyEating
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