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Mr.Badboy your MINE!

Mr.Badboy your MINE!

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sneh18 By sneh18 Updated Feb 26, 2015

I was walking towards the school caf with my two bestest friends Elana and Brent, when out of nowhere the most intoxicating smell hit my nose, it smelt like cinnamin, a woodsy manly type smell mixed with a hint of vanilla. I sniffed the air, un hooked arms with my besties and walked towards the smell. Without realising I found my self infront of the elite "crew". I looked up and my eyes bore into  the schools most notorious, self absorbed cocky good for nothing spoiled rich kid Alpha bad boy, Dylan Connar Knight's hazel brown eyes. "MATE" my wolf Sel (Seliana) started howling. "Really out of every fuckin wolf in the world I got stuck with YOU" Dylan screamed. I flinched taken back, I know im not as popular or as gorgeous as the sluts in oir school but im not ugly either. So before he had the nerve to reject me I mustered  up all of courage and looked straight in Dylans eyes and said "Don't even fuckin dare of even thinking of rejecting me, your friggen MATE" I spat. "I may not be as gorgeous as your sluts but get one thing straight Alpha Dylan your MINE and no fricken thing is going to change that I paused to inhale a breath and continued watch your back badboy cause this bitch never shares whats HERS" I growled. With that I stormed out of the caf with my held up high and into the forest to go for the run my wolf and I so desperatly needed.

this story is mine all ideas have come out of my brain dont even think of plagiarism or stealing my ideas cause if one things true its if I find out ill make sure to make your life hell and you'll have to pay a fine. All copyright of this book belongs to me.
other than that I hope u enjoy the story.

FxckAlienz FxckAlienz Nov 12, 2014
Ok so I was reading your bio and where is says "this bítch doesn't share what's HERS" I lost it when I read the don't think about plagiarizing this and I was like. "YEAH CAUSE THIS CHICK DOESNT SHARE WHATS HERS" *snaps fingers*