Because of Liliana™ [Completed]

Because of Liliana™ [Completed]

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Dawn-Marie Drake By DawnMDrake Completed

Book 2 ~ [Three is a crowd, except when 3 is a mother, father, and her daughter.]

"Go away John, the Police are on their way." I was so scared, and shaking like a leaf. Liliana, awoke from the commotion, frightened by this male stranger shouting through the door.

"Well, I'll talk to you through the door. I want my daughter back, unless you give me $500K dollars.  I will fight you for custody, and I'll win." He let out a scary laugh.

"I don't have that kind of money. And Liliana, is my daughter.  I adopted her legally, five years ago."  I wasn't going to let him bully me. She was clinging to me, and crying.

"Check your paperwork, sweetheart. I didn't sign on the correct line, therefore I never signed my daughter over for adoption. I can take her back whenever I want, and I will be back." He spit out each word, with venom.

"You have good friends, at Corwin Development Corporation. You know Chancellor Corwin, and his brother, Alex. I've been watching you.  That sum of money is nothing for them. You can get the money from them, or I get Liliana back."  He knew information from my past, that he could use to bribe me. I gulped, and a cold chill went through my entire body.

Megan Kennedy, is back. . .This is a Unique Love Story, about a mother and her adopted five year old daughter, Liliana. They find love from an extremely handsome bachelor, not looking for a ready made family. But Liliana is a wise matchmaker. And chooses Alex Corwin, CFO of Corwin Development Corporation, to be a husband for her mommy, and a daddy for her. Unbeknownst to him! He ends up becoming their unlikely protector. And helps Megan in her battle for custody of her daughter, when someone menacing from her past threatens to take her daughter away. Alex is the brother of Chance Corwin, CEO. He along with their youngest brother, Brandon, Attorney at Law join forces to help Megan win the battle. Please follow their journey to becoming a forever family ❤

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