In His Eyes

In His Eyes

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Shax Rodriguez By shaxlepanda Completed

[Watty Awards 2012 Finalist] [ManxMan] ... BOOK TWO OF DESIRE TRILOGY

After a bad break up, Dimitri leaves the apartment he shared with his ex and is in search of a new place to live. One of his friends tells him about a guy whose renting at his house. After much convincing, Dimitri agrees to meet with the guy, Micah, only to find out that he's blind. Will Dimitri learn what it means to love through a blind man's eyes? Things can go from happiness to tragic in a blink of an eye.

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All rights reserved.

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Demon_Queen_13 Demon_Queen_13 Mar 12, 2017
Im smexy huh?😏😏
                              Raises shaved legs but falls off chair and knees become ashy* ;-;
alternativequeen101 alternativequeen101 Mar 29, 2017
Once a cheater always a cheater, you honestly don't deserve him
Travisgaming22 Travisgaming22 Apr 14, 2017
You can't nickname someone D when everyone in the room's name starts with D
stephinooosh stephinooosh Jun 08, 2016
Wtf do u mean why can't he do it again ur lucky he even considered giving you a second chance.
ilovekorko ilovekorko Aug 26, 2016
I have a panic attack every time I see those commercials 😢
JadeEnchanted JadeEnchanted Dec 15, 2016
😭😭😭 Sad dog commercials break my nonexistent heart.