Naruto- Chronicles Of The Banished (Rewritten)

Naruto- Chronicles Of The Banished (Rewritten)

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Atsuko4517 By Atsuko4517 Updated Jan 01, 2018

Fear. One word known by all. The shinigami himself knowing it.

Hate. It fills peoples souls, never daring to leave them. What would happen if they left? They would disappear... but who wants to hate?

Those two words rule people's lives. And no one dares to change it. Why would they? What would be the point in changing it? It would just come back to scare them. 

Happiness. A rare thing in a world of death. Often only found with those you would trust.

Love and Fondness. Two more elusive words, but what can be said about them? Rare in this world filled with hate. Found by those who long for something, or someone, to trust.

You can't have all of these conflicting emotions together can you? It's either one or the other. It's even physically impossible to have them together.

But how do the people of Konoha do it? They channel their hate, while being happy about it. 

But what do they channel their hate onto? The nine tails that destroyed so many things? No... this can't be right. Look at them. Latching their hatred onto a poor child, who had done nothing to them. Nothing but being the thing that holds back what they despise most.

But one can only take so much before lashing out. So what makes the little fox crack?