✔ My Last Romance [A SasuSaku Fanfiction]

✔ My Last Romance [A SasuSaku Fanfiction]

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Writress By MistyAnnE_04 Completed

Three lonely years has passed since Sakura Haruno last seen her long-time crush. And after Sasuke left the village, he finally came back for an unknown reason. With him, still ignoring the pinkette, Sakura suddenly woke up to realization: That Sasuke will NEVER have feelings for her, nor be concerned about her very being... or so she thought.

As time passed by, memories of their happy childhood faded while hatred grew in her heart for the raven. He left her again, but she couldn't care less this time. "You are not worth it." as she would quote him to be.

Six more months later, his heart finally yearns for hers. But for Sakura, her heart is now as hard stone after everything he did to her. Will he find a way to win her back and live a peaceful and loved-filled life, he longs for? Or will he just be another mistake in her forgotten past?

What if, an enemy suddenly emerges from the shadows and takes her away? Hearts will beat. Hatred will be the upperhand. Love, will never be the same.

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