His Soul,  My Heart ! ✔️

His Soul, My Heart ! ✔️

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" Ammi,  I want to talk about Iram and Ayaan " Afreen,  Iram's best friend spoke.

" What about them?  " Ayesha, Ayaan's mother asked. 

" Did you notice the changed behavior of them?"

Ayesha just nodded.  She sat opposite to Afreen and Sadiq(Afreen's husband).  

" I saw the silence between them.  They are not like before.. the childish ones.  " Ayesha said. 

" Yes Ammi,  even in the hospital,  they are busy in themselves,  not even eating lunch together.  " Afreen said.

" And even I heard that Ayaan is working for extra time.  Maybe just to avoid Iram. " Sadiq said

" And everyone is blaming Iram " Ayesha looked at her confused. 

" What do you mean by that?  " Ayesha was shocked. 

" Ammi,  everyone in the hospital is saying that she could have saved Ayaan without taking the bullet herself.  If she had not taken the bullet,  the baby could be alive " Afreen said. 

Ayesha looked hurt knowing that.  She never thought that she would be blamed for saving her husband.  Yes at that time,  maybe she couldn't think of saving him with any other plan,  but atleast , she saved. 


" I want the baby,  with or without your will " Ayaan to Iram after an incident


Well... Well... Well... 

Have you guys ever thought of your future life?  Have you ever thought of your future husband/wife.. " Your Prince Charming/Your Sweet Princess " ?
Have you even imagined how your marriage would take place?  

This story is all about my imaginary future life... I have imagined my future husband , my future life and my marriage in this way.. 
But have changed few things ...

To know my imaginary future life , just click "Read" button and proceed... 

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