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Rae Rivers By RaeRivers Completed

Bennett Estate

Rapid Falls, Canada

The stillness of the forest unnerved her.

The rail of the bridge felt cool against her fingers, damp from the waterfall that gushed beneath them. Thick ferns surrounded them, rocks overgrown with moss and tall trees. The sun had just set, plunging the forest into dark isolation.

Sienna shifted her gaze between two drums on either side of the bridge. Feeling a whirl of gentle energy within, she drew from her centre, making a connection to the one element of nature that would relieve the darkness.


Moments later, bright flames sprang to life in each drum, giving their surroundings a dim glow of orange beauty.

"Still not a fan of the dark, my powerful witch?" Archer murmured, a small grin playing on his lips.

She glanced at her Keeper, took in his handsome face and brooding green eyes. With neatly-cropped brown hair, olive skin and a muscular frame, the man shifted parts of her in a way that still unsettled her. "Not after all the stories my...

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This really got my attention! If you ever have a chance could you check out my story, I only wrote 1 chapter but I will update soon! Thanks!
stefaniawerewolf stefaniawerewolf May 30, 2016
i just think this kind of stories are awesome. the powerful girl with her caring boyfriend always are the sweetest couple <3
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I love these kinds of story
                              I read it while imagining
                              Its like watching a movie
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I rarely get involved that much that early with  any  novel...amazing
loved this creation of art im new to watpax and tbis story was captivating