Keepers: Book 1-Life's Sanity by Teddy_Is_Trash
Keepers: Book 1-Life's Sanityby Hi_I’m_(uncomfortably warm)Te...
Amazing cover by @emchanting Even though she's a princess, Shelby Graces doesn't have a perfect life. Far from it actually. Watch as she makes new friends and faces str...
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Across the Wildlands (CURRENTLY BEING EDITED) by pictureXthisX
Across the Wildlands (CURRENTLY pictureXthisX
\\\\Previously titled The Code//// Book One: Across the Wildlands The world could not support so many people any longer, and mankind descended into chaos. After the ash...
  • adult
  • wars
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A Different Kind of Friendship-Sophitz by Snowman359
A Different Kind of Caligirlsandpals
Fitz was the first elf that Sophie knew. She has always had a secret crush on him. But it wasn't so secret now. A few years after they filled out their match packets, th...
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Sophitz by katkkitty
Sophitzby Keerthana Dudyala
Different short stories, where sophitz comes in hand stronger than ever. (other ships too) Confessions are made and love is created...(that was soo cheesy)
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Kingdom keepers on Instagram  by chew_10
Kingdom keepers on Instagram by chew_10
Just like the the title it the kingdom keepers on Instagram the kingdom keepers are owned by Ridley Person and I own None of them
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Keepers: Book 2- Mind's Past by Teddy_Is_Trash
Keepers: Book 2- Mind's Pastby Hi_I’m_(uncomfortably warm)Te...
"We're in for a lot more than we thought." The Keepers have finally realized that the Seekers, the force they had been fighting since almost the beginning of t...
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Gamers by DeadDontLie
Gamersby French fries
Are you really his friend? Or are you a puppet on his strings? "So dearest Mia, will you play my game?" ⚠ CONTAINS VIOLENCE & MURDER ⚠
  • wattys2017
  • harrystyles
  • werewolves
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The Fallen Heda by _dramaqueens__
The Fallen Hedaby Drama Queens 👑
We are in a world where humans are not alone. There are several other species that humans don't even know about. Centuries ago, we lived in secret and will continue to...
  • teenfiction
  • demons
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I'll Find Out ~Sophitz~ by Glittery-Icecream
I'll Find Out ~Sophitz~by ✩ Lia ✩
A misunderstanding causes broken hearts and ended friendships. Their lives will never be the same again, but will it be for the better or worse? •Sophitz•
  • fanfiction
  • fitzxsophie
  • sophie
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Mobius Destiny (A Sonic Boom Fanfic) by ShadowsGirl101
Mobius Destiny (A Sonic Boom ShadowsGirl101
THE FINAL CHAPTER BEGINS Aurora the Echidna - once a symbol of peace and hope - has risen to power in the Dragon Kingdom, bringing with her promises of a new world that...
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L and Link- Pokeumans by H3R0_8R1N3
L and Link- Pokeumansby The password is
The two boys have an incredible secret that they don't even know: they are Pokeumans, a group of species that are born human but turn into Pokemon between their teens an...
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Wings of Fire: The Keepers (Book 2) by Dragonlover0234
Wings of Fire: The Keepers (Book 2)by Mystery Dragon
Find the eight... before it's too late. Torn into two, the keepers' destiny is getting harder to overcome. They've figured out the danger, but not how to stop it. On on...
  • fanfiction
  • wof
  • sequel
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Keepers of Ice by ElementalAndroid
Keepers of Iceby Ðαηηƴ
"Life is either a daring adventure or nothing at all." -Helen Keller. Orphaned from a young age, David and his sister are living with their uncle and aunt. Liv...
  • frost
  • warrior
  • ice
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Prophecy of the 4 by Jasie_Grace
Prophecy of the 4by Jasie Grace
The seven demigods receive a prophecy, the wizards also hear a prophecy from Ginny's dream of Dumbledore, the elves in the lost cities receive a series of clues from the...
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The Keepers by LizzlyBilinski
The Keepersby LizzlyBilinski
After they close their eyes they enter the dream realm, they have been assigned to protect the portal leading to Earth, but let's not forget nightmares are dreams too.
  • keepers
Dragonheart by Belinda-Venter117
Dragonheartby Belinda Francisca Venter
A Young Girl with a destiny no one knows about, a Boy who dreams of her. what could they have in common? and what could that mean for the Dragonkeepers?
  • dragons
  • powers
  • sci-fi
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