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Larry Stylinson oneshots by tooyoung_28
Larry Stylinson oneshotsby Hi ◟̽◞̽
Just a bunch of Larry oneshots, no need for a summary really :) (I will be taking suggestions from readers.) Highest Rankings: #1 in kindasad #1 in louisxharry #28 in Za...
Together forever, right? (Depressed Bakugou, bakudeku/dekubaku) by 123Ivy23
Together forever, right? ( ~Ivy~
[ENDED] ~I love you! <3 Start~ Feb 19 2020 End~ May 21 2020 -This story is about Bakugou being depressed and feeling like a good for nothing villain, he also feel lik...
❀ Blossoming // Tododeku by seou_kou
❀ Blossoming // Tododekuby seou_kou
(Complete but currently editing) He knew that he loved him, but he didn't know how to say it. He'd fallen for him but never confessed. If only he could tell him. If only...
A bit more than neighbors  Kenma x Y/n by mangapockyprincess
A bit more than neighbors Kenma mangapockyprincess
Y/n just moved in to a new house and goes to a new school. You meet a kind soft boy and develop a feeling for him but what could this feeling be?
Life After Legacy by nataliepizza
Life After Legacyby nataliepizza
2/10/20: #2 - teamfosterkeefe Sophie and Fitz are on a break. Fitz obviously still likes her, but what happens that the person she had feelings for all along, was Keefe...
☆꧁p e t a l s꧂☆ | drarry | hanahaki disease  by ItAintGayEnoughForMe
☆꧁p e t a l s꧂☆ | drarry | No💙
"Why do you.." "Why do I what?" "Why my first name? It's always been Potter to you." "No it hasn't." I looked up at him. "W...
Kissing The Bad Boy |BXB|  by xX15Unicorngirl15Xx
Kissing The Bad Boy |BXB| by Sawa Chan
Aaron kissed the schools bad boy! What wil people think of him now he was already a loner and out cast?
Phineas and Ferb  by somethingcreepy
Phineas and Ferb by Satanic VV itch
The Avengers Endgame of Phineas and Ferb Fan Fic
Sheith age regression one shots by takashi_shirogone7
Sheith age regression one shotsby Grey
I wanted to do some sheith one shots because I see a lot of Klance but not a lot of sheith and I think sheith is really sweet. Please no ddlb/bdsm/cgl/ or kink interacti...
My Vampire Mate  by DreamCatcherGal
My Vampire Mate by Lindsay
Cover made by dogpower77 - Raven is just like any other 18 year old on the planet, with a few exceptions. One, she's a Werewolf. A Werewolf that will find her mate, an...
Jade Eyes by mybeautifulmacaroni
Jade Eyesby Anonymous
Jade Angel moves to a new school and new state. She meets a boy named Mason Grey. Mason hates her for making his heart flutter every time she walks by. She has him wrapp...
Jealousy // Kunimi x Reader Fanfic by kunxmxs
Jealousy // Kunimi x Reader Fanficby abby
Mostly angst Idk if there will be any 18+ stuff There is some strong language. None of these characters belong to me Original story by me Cover by me (the fanart is by...
chuuya x reader by akutagawaismyhusband
chuuya x readerby tash
⚠️Disclaimer this dose not follow the actual storyline⚠️ ⚠️she/her pronouns used sorry⚠️ hi my name is y/n l/n and my ability is 'poler opposites' its is basically like...
Forest boy||killugon  by yourprettycutengl
Forest boy||killugon by Quackityscat
Killua knows other people exist but has he ever seen anyone other than family and butlers? No.No he hasn't.but what happens when he meets a little friend too good to be...
He & Her by mira-_chan
He & Herby Mira_chan🕊🤍
What happens when the popular guy falls for the quiet girl? And not to forget: his popular girlfriend • • • "These fishnets look sexy on you, you should wear them...
maniac by bokutosgiantback
maniacby bokutoslusciousback
it's inspired by maniac by conan grey there's: trans bakugou bakudeku friendship todoroki being dumb for a sec also trigger warning for literally everything like a lo...
Soulmates | Boyf Riends/Jeremy x Michael by JustALoseer
Soulmates | Boyf Riends/Jeremy x Talunan~
Everyone has one certain necklace. Whoever has a necklace that matches theirs, that's their soulmate. If theirs is a half of a heart, their soulmates has to fit the othe...
Back to Gravity Falls_Billdip_Smut included  by Thisweirdbigirl100
Back to Gravity Nikki
Dipper and Mabel are back at Gravity Falls forever now. They are 18 years old and once Dipper had came out as gay to is parents they kicked him out and Mabel decided to...
Slytherin Royals by aggresivexreading
Slytherin Royalsby aggresivexreading
Ezlynn Emberly Snape and Draco Lucius Malfoy are mortal enimes until something happens in fifth year
falling for my Brothers Best Friend / Mattia Polibio by ireallydfkbitch
falling for my Brothers Best <3
You fall for your brothers friend aka BIGBOIMATTIA Read to find out the rest